Life's pleasures in a clouded light.

When you have seen it all…

…we advise you make your way over to the newly opened hotspot in our fair city, Cirque du Soir, as the name suggests this ultra chique supplier of decadence has picked up most its inspiration from a traveling circus. Spend a night here and you will be subjected to boxed in half-naked females showing off the incredible simultaneous capacity only ladies posses, another more burlesque influenced lady on stilts can also be seen roaming around the champagne filled tables in this basement location. If you did not think that was enough to add some diversity to your night on the town, perhaps the number of little people that are showing of their dance skills on top of the backrests of the sofas might rev your engine, our favorite is the guy dressed like Elvis, you can simply not just love the guy.

We strongly suggest a visit, a table reservation is advised though, considering the compact interior, so if the wallet permits, dig up that old red clown nose and make yourself over to the Fairmont Hotel.

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